Thursday, August 14, 2014

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme





All of these are 5" x7", done with Polychromo colored pencils on Fabriano Artistico paper.
Prints and some of the originals are in the etsy shop. (These images are of the originals, with the paper texture background. For the prints, I used Photoshop to clean up the backgrounds to pure white.)

Go here to hear them sing the song in Central Park.

That's all I can muster today. Robin Williams leaving us has knocked the wind out of my sails, completely. He lived in my old neighborhood in San Francisco, and was part of the fabric of everyone's lives there for years. I just can't believe he's gone.
RIP Robin.

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Katherine Thomas said...

Paula, this is so cool! To illustrate that song title that way... Ooh! And to frame them alike and group them on the wall... I might need prints of those! Truly!