Friday, January 10, 2014

Blueberry Muffins

I finally finished these. I did the wrappers first, then waited a good long while to come back and do the muffins. Everyone thought they were going to be cupcakes!

Everyone always draws the perfect muffin (or cupcake, or whatever). I have to be different sometimes. So I thought it would be fun to do them in a different way.

These were small muffins, and came in a sort of tub, with a lot of them all kind of squished together. So many of them were very un-perfect, so that gave me the idea to make that my point of view.

 I purposely did the ones that were a little off, or staged them in an unusual way.

I think these would be a fun grouping, framed, on a wall.
They're each about 5.5" square, and were done with Polychromo colored pencils on Stonehenge paper.

Last time I said I was going to do something Downton Abbey-inspired. And I will! I just had to get these off the board first.

We are officially having a drought now, boo. That means water rationing, starting as soon as next week maybe. We'll be in for it this summer, for sure.


Katherine Thomas said...

Ooh! This is an adorable series, Paula! Yes, it would be an awesome grouping on the wall! Your artistic skill, creativity and sense of whimsical humor all come together in these pieces. And did you get to eat the muffin? (did you have more than one muffin for a model?)

Anonymous said...

TYVM, wonderful job! This was what I needed to know.
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Leslie Hawes said...

Love them!

Rosalind Ford said...

Wow I love your work so much! As a budding art blogger I'm so inspired by what you do. I aspire to be a book illustrator so your work has really struck a chord with me- thank you!

Sarah Melling said...

I love the whimsical direction. The muffins have such movement and humor to them that they're almost personified. Kind of like your piece with the flying (?) root vegetables that I ordinary thing given exuberance.