Saturday, December 07, 2013

Building Portrait Holiday Card

I just finished this building portrait for a client. It was done with Polychromo and Pablo colored pencils on Stonehenge paper. Its about 7" x 13". 

The wreath isn't on the original art - it was drawn separately, then added on digitally for a Christmas card. Same with all the type. It was too small to do it all by hand and have it look good for printing. So this is the final version for the card. I've blurred out the name and address, but left the rest so you can see how we made it into a nice card design. They're at the printer as we speak - fingers crossed they turn out OK!

It really does pay to have a few Photoshop skills. Just being able to add on that little wreath would have been such a headache once upon a time - same with all the type. Its amazing what you can do now with a little help from a computer program. I like how its possible to combine hand drawn art like this with a digital tweak to come up with a nice finished product.

These will be printed fast, and shipped and delivered in plenty of time to mail them out. My heart goes out to all the people who are working overtime these next few weeks, at printers and similar places, as well as all the delivery people, who insure all of us last minute people will get our stuff done and delivered on time! Thank you all of you!

Hope everyone is managing to stay warm in this icy weather we're having. Even we usually warm and sunny Californians are having a major cold blast, with below freezing temps at night. I've been out covering plants, and have to make sure my wild Ben kitty has enough sense to come inside the house at bedtime. Crazy cat.

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