Friday, November 08, 2013

Just for fun

These were a diversion. There are about 4 different technique experiments beneath the final layer of colored pencil of both of these. They started off being one thing, then they went in a different direction, then they morphed into something else again. The surface on these is completely saturated, burnished, and like glass - and I still found a way to put more color on. I finally got them to a place I like, and hopefully next time I'll be able to get there without all the detours. Sometimes you have to try new things and see where they take you. I had one of those "aha!" moments with these. These don't look like anything special to you, I'm sure, but for me they're a kind of personal victory.
They're all Polychromo colored pencils on Stonehenge paper.

Last time I was talking about doing greeting cards. Well. I received the ones I'd ordered, and was dismayed to realize I'd bought the really fancy embossed ones. Even though it says right on the box "Decorative Emboss", somehow I'd missed seeing all the decorative bits in the online photo! Embossed is fine, but all the extra foo-foo is not. So I'll be sending those back, and won't be doing Christmas cards this year for the shop. I should have had these together way earlier anyway. Every year - it never fails.

Am I a bummer today? Hmm. Maybe, kind of. There's all sorts of astrological weirdness going on right now, so maybe that's why. I'm also in a "I want to do all new work" mood. If you're an artist, you know how that feels. You can't stand to look at anything you've done, and want to dump out your flat files or whole studio and start fresh.

Its still sunny here, and the kitties enjoy a nice after-breakfast snooze every morning on the back porch. They're lucky they don't have to worry about doing cards, or art of any kind!

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Sarah Melling said...

I'm glad to know others hit those "unsettled" stages; maybe the astrological weirdness is affecting me, too. I've been trying to sketch new ways, try new mediums, etc to shake it off. Just found a very welcoming life drawing meetup online to try next...that should loosen things up, we'll see! You always seem to come up with something wonderful to draw; I have no doubt this phase will lead to amazing new drawings.