Sunday, June 16, 2013

Red Sucker

That doesn't sound like a very nice name for a candy. But that's what they are, right? At least here in the States. Maybe they're called something different in other lands. (I keep wanting to say "I'm gonna get you, sucka!" Isn't that a movie?)

8 x 8 inches, colored pencils on paper

The coffee shop I go to had a little bowl of these by the cash register, so I nabbed one. You know I can't resist a fun piece of candy. I haven't had one of these since I was a kid! They used to give them out at the doctor's office I think. Or somewhere like that. 

I went back to Polychromos and Pablos (both oil pencils) on Stonehenge paper for this.

I put prints of this in the etsy shop, and may list the original as well, later. 

I have some other candy, and some biscotti to draw (if they don't get eaten first - especially the biscotti).

(I had to take a break from those sheep from the last post. Actually, I deleted a post where I did a good deal of whining about not being able to render them properly, using a new paper and all. Not sure what was going on there - its like someone waved a "bad ju-ju"wand over them or something. I absolutely love the drawing, but for some reason can't figure out how I want to render it. So I've put the little sheep family back in the barn for now, and they will come back out when I get my "sheep rendering mojo" back. Just in case you were wondering.)

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Teresa Mallen said...

We call them lollipops here in Canada, but a sucker works too. :-)

Great job!