Sunday, June 30, 2013

Balancing Act

That's a loaded title. It applies to more things than just this little picture, for sure! Its what my life is all about right now - but I guess that's true for everyone, all the time, pretty much.  Like spinning plates on Ed Sullivan, am I right? 

(In my mind I always have Sabre Dance playing in my head to go along with this kind of routine, rather than what this guy is spinning to ...)

So here's my little piece. I set these up and took some reference to work from. It was fun to play with them, to see what they could do. They're just a little bit sticky, so I was able to get them to stay like this just long enough to snap a few pics. 

This is a small piece - 5 x 7. All Pablo colored pencils, on Stonehenge paper. 

I put the original and prints for sale in my etsy shop. Because the prints are small, they're only $10. Such a deal! 

Today I'm working on a 'drawings of knitting' project. I've been playing with this idea for a long time, and am determined to chain myself to my desk until I get it figured out. Luckily my desk is right next to an A/C blower, because we are having a heat wave from hell right now (108 on tap for today). I'm so thankful I get to sit inside and draw pictures, rather than have to be outside doing something icky for the next several days. The cats are all laying around like they're dead, and every time I walk around the house I have to step over some little furry body splayed out right in the middle of the hall, or a doorway. 

Hope its cooler wherever you are!!

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Jeanette said...

These are fabulous. You draw sweets so well, they look quite edible! :)

I'd happily swap some of my cool for some of your heat. It can't decide if it wants to be summer here or not yet. However, I hope it cools down for you soon.