Sunday, April 28, 2013

Encouraging words

For a long time I've been saving fortunes I like from fortune cookies, and taping them to my parallel rule on my drawing table. They give me a little boost every day.

You can see that they've lived through many many illustrations and drawing and paintings. They're all pretty tattered and worn.

Sometimes you just need 'someone' to encourage you to keep going, or that everything will be OK.

The middle one below is actually a horoscope from the newspaper, but it was a perfect reminder to not obsess and worry, but instead, focus on the positive.

There are a few more which just didn't photograph well, and I was too lazy to redo them. But you get the idea. Some people tape affirmations to the bathroom mirror - I spend way more time at the drawing board than in front of a mirror, so this made more sense for me!

In other news, I'm cleaning flat files and putting some odds and ends up for sale in my etsy shop. They're in the Spring Cleaning Sale section. I'm also listing some other original pieces that I would like to find homes for. And I'm adjusting some prices too. So over the next few days or week I should have more to choose from, and some things may be more affordable. I know "they" say you're not supposed to put your work on sale (if you're an artist) but they haven't seen my crowded flat files!


Kendra said...

I also keep little fortunes that I like and look at them every now and then just to smile!

Cindy D. said...

I keep my fortunes too, but without a great strategy for keeping them like you have, I lose them!

I followed the link from Koosje Koene's blog today, but I have been a fan of your Etsy shop for ages. :)