Thursday, March 07, 2013

Rose leaves

I'm still here. Working on some things I either can't, or don't want to show - you know how that is sometimes. But I do have the start of this little drawing of some new rose leaves to share.

I really really really love when new buds and leaves appear on plants in the Spring - and especially these red rose leaves. I don't mean that the roses need to be red. Its just the leaves. I don't know why some of them come in this color, but I think its the coolest thing. The reds and purples are just so beautiful. They will all turn green eventually. 

I was sitting on my back porch one day looking at my yard, daydreaming about what to draw, and it was just so obvious. So I got out the camera and took a few shots of these, and some other new growth.  I hope to have a small series of these done to sell as prints in the future.

I don't usually draw plants, so this is a new thing for me. I also like this idea of 'new growth'. It's looking like a theme in my life right now on different levels. Some areas have been kind of stagnant for a while, and need some freshening up. Spring cleaning is about clearing out closets and drawers, sweeping out the corners and cobwebs, and doing a bit of deep cleaning. I'm kind of doing that literally, and also in my life. And trying to get some new little buds sprouting.

I've decided to call it a Recroissance (which I thought I just invented, but of course found out quickly is not new.) Its like a Renaissance, but a little different (Renaissance is 're-birth'). I also like that is sounds like 'croissant'. :~) So right now its a personal Recroissance, but feel free to start your own if you like. Maybe we can all together start a new Age.


TLampert said...

Beautiful post, Paula :) Fun to see a new adventure!

salem said...

Just found your blog. Wow. I am humbled to see a true master of colour pencil. Your works are so amazing to the eye. You share so so much here. Thank you for this steps into my true love colour pencil. Even if I am a old beginner who doesn't trust her own attempts. You show how to move from that ugly stage to a graceful swan stage.
Please don't stop.
You are uplifting to the heart as well as the eye and mind.