Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, to all who celebrate. Its morphed into such a weird "holiday", what with the mix of religion and chocolate and bunnies and hard boiled eggs and all. Not quite sure what I'm supposed to do with all of that. Take what works for you and have fun I guess.

So here's a piece a did a while back that I had titled "Easter Mango", because of the colors. And its kind of egg-like. I'm pretty sure I used Polychromos on illustration board for this.

Then I found a second version of it where I'd photoshopped the background - I can't even remember why now. There must have been a good reason!

I've also been doing some house portraits. This is one I can show. I love this house for its simple elegance. The landscaping kind of frames the simple design and color scheme of the building. I used all Pablo colored pencils for this one.

We've been having beautiful early Spring weather for weeks, with lilacs blooming and all the plants sprouting green stuff, then BAM!, last night we had the scariest thunder and lightning storm! I mean, window-rattling thunder. 'Cats under the bed' thunder. And crazy rain. Kind of a drag for the Easter bunny, but my lawn is loving it. 

So until next time - 
Hopping off to eat eggs and too much chocolate ... 

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Jake Cali said...

Happy Easter. I love the color on the mango. Reminds me of Gauguin :) Looks delicious. Thank you for sharing.