Monday, September 24, 2012

Its Fall!!

Fall Gingerbread
© Paula Pertile

Gingerbread, cookies, and colored pencils. And Fall! Some of my favorite things. 

I tried out my new Caran d'ache Pablo colored pencils for this, and loved them. I used some Polychromos too, for more control. Both are oil based pencils, which I prefer to wax. 

And do you know what? None of them broke in the electric pencil sharpener. (OK, one did, once.) But I probably jammed it in funny or something. Last time I tried to use my Prismacolors they ALL BROKE, over and over again. I was thinking part of the fault might be my sharpener, but now I know the sharpener is fine. So these new pencils are definitely 'keepers'!

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TLampert said...

Adorable!! And I must try out these new colored pencils as well. I'm having the same issues with my Prismacolors - its so sad! sniff!