Saturday, July 14, 2012

I think the bad taste in my mouth is just about gone after that rejection of my (Olympic) Pretzel Rings art by Zazzle (see last post). Onto other,  non- unintentional intellectual property rights infringey pursuits! (How's that for a headache - let's just say, onto fresh art and other creative stuff.)

I've signed up for a couple of free art webinars this next week, which you might be interested in too.

The first one is by the wonderful illustrator Carlyn Beccia. She's doing a webinar on how she creates her art with Corel Painter. Its Tuesday July 17th, 12-1 pm Eastern time (so, 9-10 Pacific ... can't help with any of you across the pond or anywhere else, sorry).

I have Painter but haven't used it too much. I would like to learn more. Her art, and how she uses the program, are certainly inspiring!

Next up is called "Designing E-books for the New Tablet Reality, Fighting Distraction and Delivering Quality".  I very much want to do some e-picturebooks, and need all the help and info I can get. 
This one is on Thursday July 19th, 12:30-1:30 Eastern time (9:30-10:30 Pacific). 

Be sure to read the system requirements for each of them before you sign up. (I'm so glad now to have an upgraded Mac, so I can listen in on these things.)

The Colored Pencil Society of Canada has posted its 1st National Exhibition 2012 winners, here. Congratulations all of you! There's some beautiful work there.

Remember that colonial scene I was working on a few posts back? Well, I thought I had the drawing the way I wanted it, then slept on it, and decided it needed more. Lots more. So I started sketching in props, and a kitty and a mouse, and also reworked some of the figures and costumes. Again.

click to see it bigger

Back then it would have been very common to have a shotgun hanging on the wall over the fireplace, but I didn't that was a very friendly image to draw, authentic though it may be. So I've opted instead to draw homey objects and bits, like a coffee grinder, candlestick, iron, pots, a piece of needlework, etc. I figure no one really lived like the austere recreated rooms we see in books and at historic sites. Families have always had 'stuff' and some clutter, and shelves full of it all. Right? 
So this is still a work in progress, in between other art projects I have going, and I will share as I go.

I'm starting to "think Fall and Winter", and am working on some new art and knitting for my shops. Even though its hot weather still. I am so thankful for my air conditioning! When I was a kid, before we had central heat and air installed, we had an air conditioner in the bathroom window. I'd go in there and crank it up to "high", and lay on the bathroom floor until I was a popsicle. Several times a day. I don't have to do that anymore, but I still love sitting under the blower. Which is where I will be knitting (see, I brought it back around.)

Rambling now, so I'll sign off. 
Stay cool ~

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