Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Enniskillen Castle


I skipped to the finish here, leaving out any more steps in the process. Sorry. Sometimes when you get into a piece its a drag to keep interrupting yourself to stop and scan. Like with this one. I just wanted to get it done.

I just kept going with more and more and more layers of greys, mostly, building up the colors and values until it was 'there'.

And because its in Ireland, it needed a nice bit of green grass to sit on.

I kept the pencils slightly dull, and let the grain of the paper work for me in making the stone texture.

This was done with Prismacolors exclusively. 

I used just about all the French Greys, Warm Greys and Cool Greys, as well as Putty Beige, Slate Grey, and Ginger Root. 
No Black.
The grass was done with Limepeel, Apple Green and Grass Green.

This piece was a fun challenge, since I usually do newer buildings.
(The two previous posts, here and here, document my process with this piece, in case you missed them.)

Next up is something with food. 


Katherine Thomas said...

You should write a CP book! These posts are wonderfully informative and helpful! And you castle is great! Congratulations!

black bear cabin said...

i agree with Katherine...you do such lovely step by step examples for folks, i just know a book by you would be great! :)
p.s. love the castle!

Susie Tenzer said...

thanks for showing the progress of your piece, I enjoyed it!