Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cahill Irish Porter Cheddar

I guess this is my nod to St. Patrick's Day, this being an Irish cheese and all. It even has green in it!

This was fun to do. I worked 'live', and had to remember to keep putting the cheese back in the frig in between sittings. It kind of 'sweats' if you leave it out too long, not to mention getting hard and dried out.

This is the oddest cheese, and really does have that much green in it (its not mold). It looks like a stone walkway or wall or something, with a chocolate coating.

I used all Prismacolors for this.

I think a blue cheese will be next. They're not as much fun to eat, but they're pretty!


CC said...

These drawings of yours always make me want to go back to my drawing board.
I've become way to distracted.

Lovely drawing.

Sarah Melling said...

I saw this cheese in the store today and thought of this lovely drawing, which I realized I'd never commented it!

Oh, and Murphy is such a cute boy. Looks a lot like my kitty Neiman.