Saturday, December 03, 2011


A new little colored pencil piece, inspired by the Clan Macktinosh Tartan Plaid.

I used a colorless blender on this, which I don't, usually. I wanted to get a rich color, and leave some texture, but also make it blendy. I had a lot of fun developing the colors, especially where they crossed over each other. 

Its 3.5 inches square. Prismacolors on Stonehenge. I think I'll do more of these. 
Should I put them up for sale? Can't decide.

I've been busy on other things. Just finished up some all digital work, which is not what I usually do! It was fun, but I was itching to get back to my pencils.

My shops have cards and ornaments with some of my Christmasy art, if you're interested ~
The cards on Zazzle are fully customizable, so if you'd like to change the inside greeting, you may.
On CafePress I made some in Spanish as well as English, just in case you need a "Feliz Navidad" card for someone.

Its a busy time of year. Blog posts may be sparser than usual over the next few weeks, but I'll try to check in with something. Hope you're all beginning to enjoy the season!


Janet Pantry said...

Love your little Plaid piece Paula. A really nice balance of rich colour but with texture and subtlety showing through. Colourless blenders can be over-used, I think, but you've shown how they can be used effectively with restraint, thanks :)

Rose Altom said...

Always love your pencil pieces. Thanks for reminding us that simplicity has an impact.

Jenn Falcon said...

How are the blenders overused? Do you mean the color gets thinned out? or you'd rather see more mixing? or by texture you mean paper showing through and not pure color? just curious. :-)

Paula Pertile said...

Thanks Ladies.

Jenn, I just mean that I, personally, don't usually use blenders much. They flatten out the tooth of the paper, so they're kind of a "last step", and there's no going back. Its just a finicky personal preference is all. Other people use them all the time and I love the work they produce!

Jenn Falcon said...

Oh, just curious. :-)