Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jelly Beans WIP

Continuing with the candy. These are Jelly Bellys, in some nice Fall colors.
I'm using Prismacolors. The palette just seemed right for these.
I have this and another small one lined up. So I will burrow in today and 'color'.

I mentioned last time that I started using my wee little tiny hand held sharpener because my electric one was breaking the pencils so much. Well, I'm still using it, and loving it. I find that its not any more trouble to use than the other one, and an added bonus is that its QUIET. And it sharpens to a needle point. So sometimes 'old school' rocks. I imagine it will get dull after a while, but it will be cheap to replace. (And the cats are loving that they can nap in peace.)

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Rose Welty said...

Paula, I also abandoned the electric sharpener for cheapie hand held ones. It is almost therapeutic! I think it also makes me take my eyes off the art for a bit - which helps me catch things sooner and produce better art. I bought like 20 last time I got some, they only last for a piece and a half or so.