Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another WIP

Trying something different with this, just for fun.
I'm not saying what this is yet, but it will be obvious soon enough.

Its 4 x 6, and all done with Prismacolor French Greys so far.


Kendra said...

grapes? marbles?? :-)

Feathers said...

It's gotta be M&Ms--Do I win???? (grin)

John Ward said...

It'll be interesting to see you add color to your already existing value structure. I wouldn't think it would be possible to do this with colored pencils unless the colors are very close to ones used to establish the value.

Janet Pantry said...

Definitely marbles, you can't fool me ... or maybe you can! And, I reckon this is a grisaille base for colours to be added later ..or... you are going to keep it greys and add in a single red marble. Hedging my bets here!