Monday, September 05, 2011

cat disguises & new pencils

Last week's Illustration Friday prompt was "Disguise", but I was working on other 'work' things and didn't manage to get this done until now. So here it is.

Every cat needs a few good disguises, am I right?

Here our Cat is looking very 'up to something' after studying his trusty Cat Disguises book.

"International Spy" is a classic disguise. Its good for evading people as well as dogs, and can get a cat into places he might not otherwise have access to, or out of a tight spot.

"Nice little old lady who feeds the birds" is also a must have disguise. Dressed like this, sitting on a park bench, throwing out birdseed - well, you can imagine.

There will be more. I'm thinking paper dolls. Yes? Stay tuned.

I did these with my new Soho colored pencils. I like them! I would put them somewhere between Prismacolors and Luminance in "feel". Probably a lot closer to Luminance. They're a little fatter than some other brands, and have a faceted barrel (not round). They held up very well in my sharpener (my Prismacolors have been breaking like crazy - not sure if its them, or the sharpener - an Xacto School Pro). So I was happy about that.
I didn't use all the colors, but liked what I did use.
Here's an article about them.
I do have the set of 72, so even though the article says they're not available yet, they are.

I'm so happy that its September! Fall always feels like the beginning of a new year to me. I'm looking forward to sweaters and crisp leaves and soups and woolies and all that good stuff. And Halloween candy. Its in the stores already!! I've been good. So far.

Back to the drawing board ...


CC said...

Paper dolls, well....maybe.....but I'm thinking A MYSTERY!!! I also thought this is such a good idea I could steal it!!! But lucky for you, I'm honest and I like you and your wonderful art so I'm GIVING this terrific idea to of charge!! ;~)

oxo, Carolyn C.

Patti said...

It's funny you mentioned paper dolls. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw these. Very cute! Kids would love them as paper dolls.

Sarah Melling said...

Oh, I love the cat disguises. Whether it's paper dolls, a kids' game, or an eBook, this has great potential! I love hearing about others' experiences with new pencils...someday I might even venture out of Prismacolorville. Now you get to make some new swatches!

Doda said...

Love the mast of disguises cat.Especialy the old out birdies!

Elina Ellis said...

Cats are cool, but look at those pencils!!!! That's a real treasure!

Jenn Falcon said...

I like the cats too, but not the end of summer!