Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wasabi Nori Maki

(click to see this bigger)

I'm still here. Just going in about 47 directions is all, and haven't had anything I could post about. I'm excited about some new projects I have in development and am busy working on those.

Meanwhile, I needed to do a little piece just for me. This is part of my "Snack Crackers" series (remember the square cheese and round butter and other ones I did a while back?). These are Japanese wasabi nori maki crackers, or translated, wasabi crackers with seaweed wrapped around them. They pack quite a punch! If you like wasabi (that green stuff they serve with sushi) you will like these. Seaweed is really good for you, you know. Its packed with all kind of vitamins. And the wasabi will clear up your sinuses at the very least. All in all, a nice healthy, tasty snack.

This is 5 x 7 inches on Stonehenge. I used some Luminance along with Polychromos. I've finally warmed up to the Luminance pencils (I wasn't sure about them at first). I haven't received the Soho pencils yet  (from the last post). I ordered some other things with them, which are on backorder, so to get the free shipping deal I have to wait until everything is in stock. You know how that goes. So I'll give them a spin when they get here.

The CPSA convention is this weekend - can't wait to see who won what!

As I write this I'm listening to a blue jay squawk its fool head off at one of my cats out in the yard. Its been dive-bombing them, chasing them up onto the porch and through the cat door. Its a very brave bird, sitting on the porch railing, right there, just begging for one of them to pounce. My Phyllo caught a squawky black bird a couple of years ago who did the same thing. He dropped it on the kitchen floor as if to say "THERE. Took care of that!" So I'm just waiting ...

Back to the drawing board and my pencils. I have some other cool Japanese treats calling.


Sarah Melling said...

I've had these crackers (or something close to them) and this is fabulous! I love the shadows, and you've perfectly captured the iridescent look of that seaweed wrapped around the middle. What an original choice!

Jeanette said...

I've never seen these crackers before but want to try one now! Love the drawing and how cp works so well in your hands.

I understand about blue jays and their noise and boldness. I'm tempted to to take them out myself some days...:)

Elina Ellis said...

I love the drawing!!! You are so talanted!!!