Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I'll have the chicken case-a-deeya please

What's on the board at the moment. Its early bird special hour at the local Mexican restaurant. That is not a cinnamon roll on her head - hopefully it will look more like a tacky flower in the finish.

Lets see, what else. Working on lots of stuff, actually. All children's book and licensing things. Some I can't show,  you know how it is.

The weather has finally turned to sun after a weird spell of more wintery rain. Its a welcome sight. I've been sad because I lost one of my kitties a couple of weeks ago - a little wild one, one of those you can't get tamed up, then they get sick, and ... its too sad. I'll miss the little guy coming to eat every day.

So I'm just hunkered down, drawing away. Its nice. I'll post more when I have something worth showing.

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