Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

This is something I'm working on that actually doesn't have anything at all to do with Cinco de Mayo, but its such a good fit I had to share.

Its based on my late kitty, Wendell, who loved to eat. He was black and white, and had a bobbed tail, so I'm working out how to show his pattern just right, and am also wondering if the lack of a tail (in some views) makes it hard to tell that he IS a cat. Like in this one, where his ears are hidden, I hope there's enough there to make it obvious he's a kitty. (I just realized I forgot to draw in his whiskers.)

This was my first idea sketch for this.

Something I always do is make a tight front, back and side view of a character, especially if its sort of complicated. It helps to keep proportions right when doing complicated views or perspective.

So my little Wendelito has some work to be done on him, but right now he's going to enjoy a nice plate of fish tacos and some tortillas and guacamole.



Jennifer Lee Young said...

love it! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Melling said...

Oh gosh, he's so charming! And definitely looks like a cat, even without whiskers....

CC said...

Love Wendelito and knew he was a cat immediatamente!!

You are a never ending source of inspiration and delight.

Muchas gracias.

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing your process for character development! Love it.

spina said...

Ahhhh..... Wendell..... I remember seeing photos of him. And he's so very cute in this big hat in your drawings! They say that, when someone is remembered by others after they pass on, it's like they live again, in our 'remembering.' So, by you actually DRAWING Wendell, he's not only living again, he's 'living large.' Well done, Wendell! And VERY well done, Paula!

And, by the way, the cracker small cards are JUST ADORABLE! I love 'em!

Can't wait to see Wendell, here, all finished up! Hope all is well up your way! Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

I can see he's a cat! Love his little body shape. Adorable!
XO Diane