Friday, April 29, 2011

not crackers or an onion

This is what's on the board.

It will make more sense when I do the other 'views'.
Its colored pencil, and drawn from life. All Polychromos, on Stonehenge.

Have read all my new botanical art books and am inspired. Interesting that they all recommend Polychromos, mostly, for colored pencil work. They all give a list of recommended colors for doing plants, but of course they don't apply to doing food. Green too often equals mold in a food picture, and we can't have that. Also, Ann Swan does a lot of shading with greys to build up the values, and there again, I don't feel grey is a good choice for food. So am rewriting the book, so to speak, for doing food.

Oh - this is a zucchini muffin, in case you were wondering. And there are a good 10 colors or so in there so far. Can't do too much more to it, but knowing me, I'll try to fiddle some. I picked a challenge, for sure.


Kendra said...

My guess would have been the top of a muffin! Looking forward to seeing the other views. I can understand why Polychromos are recommended for botanical work, they keep a nice, sharp point.

Sarah Melling said...

So unbelievably realistic....amazing. Some gourmet bakery out there should be commissioning work from you!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Green and gray don't work. Warm colors for food! :-) This looks yummy!

I've been using Prismacolors for years. Will have to try some of the Polychromos!

Hugs, Diane

Judith said...

Amazing, Paula--the muffin looks real enough to pick up and take a bite! Inspires me to try something foodie-like soon.
Thanks for the tip on Polychromos; everyone I've talked to so far seems wedded to Prismacolors, so never thought of trying anything else, but want to now.