Monday, March 14, 2011

More funny old art

I've been working on some art I'm not at liberty to share, so thought I'd amuse you with some art I found in my files from a while back.

This one was a greeting card. I put people I knew at the time in the picture, heh heh.

This sweater is based on a real one that my mother handed down to me.

Another birthday card. The tagline was "Don't be scared ... its just another birthday!" And again, there are people in here I knew.

Boy, I've had some funny looking friends!


Beth said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love the birthday suit one!

Sarah Melling said...

Paula, I first discovered your blog when I fell in love with the exquisite candy drawings. Now, it's a real hoot to see this humorous side. You are amazingly versatile. I loooove the birthday suit one; can't figure out how that hasn't been gobbled up by a greeting card company. By the way, I keep forgetting to mention that when I was working on "swarm" for IF, my beekeeper friend saw a thumbnail of your "office" beehive on my blog list and really loved it. And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Janet illustrator said...

I love these cards! I hope your friends enoyed appearing in them :-)

Gillian said...

This got me smiling. Your friends may be odd but I bet they loved these! x

spina said...

Hey, I didn't know you could BUY new birthday suits!! I've needed a new one for LONG time!!! Tee hee! Those cards are hysterical wonderful! I BET your friends LOVED them!

And I do love the beehive drawing. So typically 'office.' Looks like my co-workers right NOW!

Noticed the photo of the new 'Miss Scarlet,' whom, you say, is great with kittens. >>>>>OH NO!<<<<< Now what? You know, though, I bet she's so relieved to have a full belly. She looks REAL happy and comfortable in the photo.

No matter what, Paula, you're easing the life of, and bringing comfort and safety to, one helpless animal in the world. Yeah, many more animals may spring forth soon, and I understand that could be a giant pain in the butt for you. But can you imagine how frightened and hungry and desperate she was, out there, in the world, before she landed at your doorstep? Poor thing....

Bless your heart, Paula! You're doing the right thing by sharing your love in this way.

Giselle said...

These are hilarious. Thanks!

LDahl said...

Oh my god, do I ever love your work!