Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Painting without paint

Still fiddling with these water soluble pencils. This one I did with Faber Castell Aquarelle Sticks, just picking the pigment off with a small brush and some water to make 'paint'.

They work just like the water soluble pencils, but they're much bigger. I sat there with a stick in one hand and a little brush in the other, and with the brush wetted a bit, picked color off the stick and worked it around on the paper, blending a few colors together. It started with a washier layer of yellow, then I worked in some orange and finally two reds.

It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, but as an experiment, it worked and I learned a few things. Which was the idea.

I did come back in with some Polychromo pencils to deepen the color and get more detail. Then - and this is where it all went wrong- I decided to do more water-pencil/paint over the top of that. Well. That can make a lovely 'goo', that you then have to shmoosh around to try to make look like something other than goo. So in other words, I overworked it, and you know how fun that is to try to fix. I managed, sort of, but thankfully this was just an experiment and not a "real" illustration for an assignment.

This was done on Stonehenge paper. I think that something heartier, like illustration board, would work better with this painting technique. Illustration board is still my all time favorite surface for everything - I just wish you could see through it on a lightbox to transfer drawings!

So anyway, this is 100% colored pencil. And a little water. Kinda cool.


CC said...

Intriguing, as always. I wish I had time to get out the paints and pencils these days.
But I need to keep on with computer art right now. Why? I could give you a dozen reasons, but if this were my last day, I'd prefer to "go" over some nice 150lb
Arches than my IMAC screen.
Tells you something, doesn't it........

Sarah Melling said...

I love that we can benefit from your experimentation. Makes me want to have a "play date" with some Aquarelle sticks. I love the movement you've captured with the seeds being blown off the berry...what fun!

Kendra said...

Nice! Does look like a painting and I really like those seeds flying off the strawberry.