Saturday, January 22, 2011


I said I was going to do a "pantry" series, and although I haven't quite settled on what that's going to be yet exactly, I figured I'd start warming up with some 'bread' pieces. I don't know if this piece is officially a part of the bread series or not, but I had to dive in somewhere.
I've been kind of under the weather, so this was done with a bit of a headache and not my usual energy.

This is a sweet onion ciabatta roll. What a thing to choose to draw when not full speed. Its like a little square pillow with tons of texture and little bits of onion poking through here and there.

"Sweet Onion Ciabatta Roll" 6 x 6 inches on LeCarte sanded paper

I decided to give the new Luminance pencils a spin and see what they can do. And have to say that now I like them much better than I did when I first uncorked them. This piece was done on LeCarte sanded paper, so the 'scratchy' issue I had with the Luminance before was a moot point here. If they were being scratchy, I didn't notice.

I didn't know how I wanted to approach this piece: whether to do a tight fussy rendering, or a more impressionistic thing with it. (Actually, my first idea was to do watercolors, but I didn't have the energy to mix paint today, so defaulted to the pencils.)

It started one way, then kind of gradually worked its way into a very 'from the gut', non analytical kind of drawing. I just grabbed pencils like I do when I'm doing a pastel drawing, picking intuitively, and not by looking at the swatch chart and making intelligent 'thinky' color choices.

Even though the roll is 'bread colors', I of course saw a lot more in there and that gave me an excuse to use every color in the box. The Luminance have some neat colors, Violet Grey and Olive Brown being two of my favorites so far.

But I have to say I did notice a lack of just nice 'browns'. If you're going to do something landscapey with them, or chocolate, I wouldn't think they'd be a good choice. Just saying.
Otherwise, they've redeemed themselves.


Kathleen Rietz said...

My mouth is watering...I can taste the warmth and tanginess. Nice job!

Constance McLennan said...

I like this a lot. Great realism, but still with some pencil texture.

Sarah Melling said...

This has a wonderful warm, tactile quality. I really like what you said about picking the colors intuitively vs making conscious choices. That same battle goes on in my brain a lot. I'm not familiar with The paper you used; Looks like something interesting to try!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I've found Luminance fine for landscapes so far. However I very rarely colours as local colour and rarely use a brown in a landscape - I prefer to mix on the paper! :)

I love your ciabatta but was greatly intrigued by it being square. I've never seen it that shape before

Janet Pantry said...

I love this, Paula. I agree with Constance - great realism but not too tight, the sanded paper helps with that methinks. Thanks for explaining your process, really interesting.

So you're doing a 'pantry' series? I'm honoured ;) !

CC said...

Most people just take 2 aspirin, have a cup of tea or soup and take to their bed.

Handsome Ciabatta.

Hope you are feeling much better!

Kendra said...

Neat idea to draw a ciabatta. Yummy! Nice color choices rather than just sticking to the browns. Brings it to life!