Friday, December 31, 2010

Good news

My reindeer making shortbread won a little award.
Third place in the They Draw and Cook's holiday recipe contest. I'm happy!

Nate and Salli (who are totally cool) put it on the TDAC blog ~

Then it was also featured on the Food Network's blog ~

Thank you Food Network people and Weldon Owen Publishing people for judging my little reindeer making shortbread to be worthy. They and I are both very proud of ourselves!!

Want to know something? This whole 'digital thing' is pretty new to me (which you know if you've been reading my blog a while). I don't really 'do' digital. Until recently. When I started fiddling with my Wacom and Photoshop, I knew I didn't want to try to replicate a super realistic style - and just do it digitally instead of with traditional media. I figured out pretty fast the best way to go for me was to do something completely different. And that's when I started to have fun!

Sometimes I still start out with a pen and ink drawing, then scan it in and fiddle with it and color it with Photoshop. Sometimes I do the whole thing digitally.

I put a little demo of how I put together the reindeer piece here on my site.

This was a nice way to ring out the old year and ring in the new one. I hope this new year is a really good one for everyone, full of good health, good cheer, and good work.



CC said...

Not a bad way to end the year and start the next!!

Have a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2011!!

Sandy said...

Congrats. I go there all the time and wanted to see who won...You deserve it.