Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cat books for Christmas

Hi - we're Paula's cats. She's busy knitting, and told us to blog something for her. So we're going to show you 2 books we like that have cats in them.

The first one is called A Pussycat's Christmas and it has a lot of really good paintings of a cat by this lady named Anne Mortimer. She's really really really good at painting cats. She's painted a whole bunch of cats and a whole bunch of books. We think if you go look at this one, there will be pictures of all the other ones too. There's another Christmas one with Santa, then another one with Santa and a kitten. Paula has these by the bed and looks at them at night while we're all snuggly and kneading on the blanket. We think the cat in this one looks a lot like Saachi, except the one in the book is a girl.

©©©©©© Anne Mortimer ©©©©©©©

We like this one too. Its called Cats and Carols and has pictures that were painted by some lady called Leslie Anne Ivory. (What's the deal with the name Anne? Do you have to be named Anne to paint cats really good or something?). Anyway. This one is really good too, and has lots of paintings of cats and has a bunch of Christmas stuff in it. This Leslie Anne lady has painted a lot of other cats books too which are also on the book website when you go look at this one.

©©©©©©© Leslie Anne Ivory ©©©©©©©©©

We're hungry now so that's all we're going to do. Its raining a lot and we are sooooo borrrrrred because we can't go outside and Paula is just knitting and we've pestered her a lot but she's just ignoring us. She said to tell you she'll check in later in the week maybe and hopes everyone is having a nice holiday week. Whatever. It has to be dinner time, we need to go poke her or something. So guess we're done here.

Meow meow meow meow and meow.


Leslie Hawes said...

I dunno. My name is Leslie Anne...

CC said...

I think YOU need to do a cat book.... and maybe me too! =^,,^=

Janet Pantry said...

Hi, we're Janet's cats. You have our sympathy what with the rain an' all. We have thick snow over here in the UK which is much more fun, except at night when it's a tad too ccold! Janet doesn't seem to like the snow though, can't think why.

Love the books, especially A Pussycat's Christmas. What a beautiful kitty - black and white, just like my brother and I! Oh and we reckon you could have some fun with that lovely yarn Paula's using too - she won't like it one bit tho! Take care x