Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gala Apple and Red Pear

Two more little pieces done.

A Gala Apple ~

and a Red Pear ~

and both of them framed ~

If you're in Sacramento this Saturday, I'll be at Lyon Village (in Sierra Oaks, at Munroe and Fair Oaks Blvd., across from Loehmann's) at a 'do' put on by A Cottage Affair. There will be a kid's fashion show, other artists and artisans, snacks, music, the whole shebang. From 2 - 4.
I'll be bringing these pieces as well as some prints of the candy art and whatever else I can manage to get together by then. After the show, these (if they don't sell on Saturday) will be in the Cottage Affair shop, if you're interested. The owner's name is Kathy, and her number is (916) 480-0971 if you'd like to call before you head over there.

I'd like to get one more piece done before the weekend, but not sure if I can swing it. A Bosc Pear maybe?


spina said...

Ooooo... These are yummy looking. HOW do you DO IT? They look REAL, like a photograph. I'm, as always very impressed. And they look GREAT in those frames. Wish I were going to be in the area this weekend for your 'to do.'

And somehow I missed the WIP on the Tootsie Pop. I commented on the finished piece, but obviously didn't scroll down to see the WIP. And I enjoy those SO MUCH. It's like the art BLEEDS right out of the paper. I know, it doesn't really happen that way. It's like in the Wizard of Oz, you're 'behind the curtain' working your tail off, and we're out here enjoying the 'magic' of how this just amazingly 'appears!'

And Willow is so cute with his yarn. Something about cats and yarn, very endearing...

Ces said...

These are so perfect!!!

Vicki Greene said...

These are wonderful. Terrific little paintings in these beautiful frames.

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....