Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bad little gummies

No, these are not finished. And they most likely never will be. I just wanted to post something about how things don't always work out, but that's OK. (And I also wanted to post some COLOR after those last couple of very black posts!)

I had the bright idea to do some gummy bears, and decided on 3 red ones. I picked through the bag trying to find ones that actually had features and looked like something other than blobs, but really, they were all pretty blob-like. Also, these were extra small, which I don't think helped.
I took some reference photos and was all excited to try to capture them in colored pencil. But for whatever reason - distraction, lack of focus, starting with the wrong color - or some combination of all three, this is where I've ended up. The one on the right is burnished to death and can't possibly take any more pencil.

I wanted to get that beautiful translucent light that makes them look like what they are, but I juuuust missed it. Then I got kind of mad and just started 'coloring' aimlessly, hoping I'd hit it right by accident, but of course just got further off the mark.

So I will probably try these again, in a different 'pose', and see what happens. It was fun to try these, and although I'm bummed that this one didn't work out, I learned what I did wrong, and will hopefully get it right next time.


Jeanette said...

This post made me smile. Gummy bears are difficult to capture, the light has to be just right to get any semblance of glow to them. I'm sure you'll do them justice.

Its funny because I did a drawing ages ago of gummy bears and it has become one of the most popular hits on my blog pages by people wanting to know how to draw gummy bears! Who knew? Be warned.

Because of it, I'll have to do a gummy bear tutorial now.

Kendra said...

Paula, those gummys are bad! I can't stop eating them. Your blog is very iinspiring. One of my c.p. students found it so I'm having all of them look at your blog. Your last entry of mixing darks rather than using black is very helpful, something I tell them all the time! Love your candies too.

CC said...

Your candy art is getting to me.... saw a bag of salt water taffeys in Trader Joe's today and thought of YOU. ;-)

No I didn't buy them because i'd eat them and that's not a good idea.

Leslie Hawes said...

nom nom nom ....bad little gummies...nom