Friday, September 03, 2010

Illustration Friday - Dessert

"Carrot Cake"
colored pencils on illustration board

I did this one a while back. I do love a good carrot cake. Not from a box, please. And the cream cheese frosting has to be just right.

Speaking of food, today at the store I was drooling over Cook's Illustrated Magazine. The beautiful work of John Burgoyne graces the back cover every month. This month he drew a whole page of blue cheeses. Even if you don't like blue cheese, you would be tempted to try some after seeing these little illustrations. Go look at his portfolio page, and click on the food/cooking link. Those olives!

Cook's Illustrated also always has a lush still life painting of food on the cover. Its a yummy magazine, all the way around. And their show isn't bad either. I've learned a lot watching America's Test Kitchen. As much of how not to do things as how to do them right. If you like to cook, I highly recommend both (and no one has paid me to say this).

Its Labor Day Weekend here in the US, which means a 3 day weekend for regular working folks. Not so for the rest of us irregular working folks, I'm afraid. My drawing board calls, but that's a good thing. If you're one of the lucky ones who gets to 'get away' for a few days, have fun!


CC said...

Burgoyne's work is lovely, but your food stuff is just as good. If someone who publishes high class cook books were smart they'd give you a nice assignment.
I'd buy the book and give it to friends who also appreciate great art as well as food. So there!

I'm here with cats all labor day and not unhappy. Its supposed to be much cooler
tomorrow and I can't wait.

Jack Foster said...

Great one Paula! Love this!!

spina said...

Unfortunately we don't 'get' 'America's Test Kitchen' around these parts. booooo.... It seems that it's on KQED. Our public television station USED to be KQED years ago, back in the late 70s, 80s. But somewhere along the line, they switched to KCET out of LA. Grrrrrr... I LOVED KQED and was super bummed when they made the switch. All the great local San Francisco-ish programming I LOVED. KCET is just not as cool...