Monday, May 03, 2010

Beets and kitties

An update on this:

© Paula Pertile
11 x 17, colored pencils on paper

This is going crazy slow. I ended up doing a whole bunch of stuff other than this this weekend, which is why its not farther along. But its getting there.
The beets will be purplish black almost in the darkest areas, eventually. I'm digging doing the 'tails' and roots, and plan to put a rectangle behind them like I did in the last piece, with the tomatoes, just to tie the two pieces together. So I have a ways to go on this, but I'm slogging on.

And because we always like to see what the kitties are up to:

Phyllo with his roll of paper towels.

And Saachi just looking sort of not sure about what this box thing in front of my face is going to do, exactly ...
Doesn't he have great whiskers?

That's about it for today. Not too exciting. Hopefully next time I'll have the veggies done.


Marthann's Musings said...

Amazing so far. Can't wait to see it finished. I love the kitties. At PetsMart today someone brought in 5 little kittens, all different colors and patterns. Sooo cute

Vicki Greene said...

The veggies are looking good already and your kitties are adorable.

Janet Pantry said...

This is really taking shape now, Paula, I admire your perseverence!

I love your kitty pics! Phyllo is clearly in command of the kitchen paper...and that is indeed a masterly set of whiskers on Saachi! Lol.

CC said...

Your drawing is beautiful. I like the way they are "flying"freely.

Love your cats too. Those faces....=^..^=

Dorothy said...

I like your floating vegetables.

I Phyllo lying on the kitchen table?

Sharon said...

Phyllo should do a paper towel commercial! Love the new art!

spina said...

...I 'lurk' no more! I just HAD to comment on these yummy veggies. Great work, Paula! Yeah, I know it's slow going, I can see that, but the results so very good. The detail on the leaves, wow! Kitty pix are great! Phyllo SHOULD do an ad for paper towels; he certainly seems to have a 'thing' for them! And Saachi's whiskers ARE beautiful; he (she?) is beautiful. I'll be watching for more veggie progress!

Leslie Hawes said...

The 'tails' on the carrots and beets look like your wool drawings...hmmm...knitted vegetables...just sayin'