Monday, February 08, 2010

Old dog new tricks

Here it is. My first all digital piece done with the Wacom. I know, I know, its pretty simple. But its a big deal for me. I've been resisting (why?) going digital for way too long now.

You remember in the last post I had a sketch - a traditional pencil on tracing paper kind of drawing. I scanned that, and traced over it with the Wacom pen to get what you see here. Then I dragged the 'traced' digital layer over onto a new file and flattened it (I could also have just deleted the background sketch layer in the original).

It took me way more tries than I care to admit to figure out what kind of 'line' to use. At first I was trying to get a really clean, "Illustrator" line, which wasn't possible. It was taking sooooo long. The whole idea here is to speed things up a bit. Then I did a fatter, even width line. Etc. In the end I decided to just 'draw', the way I draw when I draw. Kind of sketchy. And I like it.

What's great about this is when you make a goof, you can just erase it and its gone! You can completely change your mind, do a new layer, try something and decide it doesn't work, etc. - and not ruin your paper.

I look forward to getting more proficient with this and doing some color as well. Right now I'm thrilled to be able to do this.


Karen Lee said...

I love it! Fun and fresh style.

I still have a hard time going all digital. I'm mostly still doing my line traditionally - I've been using a brush and ink and have found that I love it. It's organic and fast. After I scan it I can fix it up as much as I want and I've found that the scales are tipping lately - more time on the Wacom than traditional to finish it off and with a lot more right brainish fluency. Go you!

black bear cabin said...

thanks for sharing...its inspiring to see others starting out in a new program too. well done!

Meisie said...

Looking great! you have ArtRage? I think it is an amazing programme.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Very nice, Paula. I like the line quality that you ended up with. Way to go!

CC said...

Love your work, Paula.
If you can do this.. Maybe I can to! ;-)

Very nice to find your blog.

Carolyn Croll

Loreen Leedy said...

Nice work, you're well on your way. Digital is great by itself or in combination with traditional media. Just beware of trying to do Command-Z with the latter!

Marilee said...

Hooray, Paula! I'm trying to learn how to use my new Wacom tablet, too. (Got one for Christmas...) Right now I'm just trying to figure out coloring my own line drawings, but I have to try line next. It's great being able to follow your progress!

Sarah said...

Beautiful Paula! We're living parallel lives right now-- After years of resisting digital art I just got a wacom tablet and am having so much fun! New tricks are fun! Guess we're not such old dogs after all.