Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 Musketeers Mini, WIP #2

I'm combining a few steps, and showing you where it is right now. I've added light ultramarine, grey green, caput mortuum violet and green yellowish. It has a long way to go! But its getting there. Amazing how much color is in "silver", isn't it?

I will do all the steps and put them on my website when I'm done. I don't expect anyone to actually try to copy this, but its fun to see it progress, step by step.

I'm working up a sort of "plan" for myself and my work. I guess we all do that, but I find that I just get caught up in doing it, and forget where I'd intended to go, and at some point find that I am usually way off course. I'm approaching it kind of like when you're in school, starting a new semester - you sign up for classes, and go the first week and get the syllabus and outline of what's going to be taught, when assignments are due, tests, midterms, etc. Then you know, week to week, what you have to get done, study for, etc.
So I'm going to do a 'semester' at a time, 3 or 4 months, and map it out, and just stick to it.
Maybe I should go buy myself a new binder or notebook as well - I used to looove those ones that had the divided up sections for each subject. *How old am I?* The kids probably type everything into their laptops or blackberry's or something now.

First thing is to go back to work on this drawing, then on to the PLAN. (funny word, plan - "plan plan plan plan plan plan").

See ya ~


Rose said...

I love this, Paula.. so many great colors.. never would have guessed this many hues were in silver. I love your wips.. you have a great knack for them. :) Hugs! Rose

Janet Pantry said...

You are definitely getting that 'silver look' now Paula. You clearly know your Polys well, choosing just the right colours!

That's a great idea to use the school semester structure for your plan - that way you get to have lots of breaks! I used to love new school terms (semesters), writing out the new timetable, doodling on my new exercise books (!) Aah, the memories! :)

Karen Lee said...

I would love to know the PLAN. I'm in desperate need of one myself so I'm counting on you to inspire me.

Teresa Mallen said...

WIP # 2 looks fab! Congrats on the PLAN!! Yup, go for the new binder or something. I buy myself a beautiful day planner every year. I make sure it is filled with gorgeous art. It looks so wonderful that I want to use it! Some years ago, I also found a terrific large hardcover journal in an antique store (unused) for $5.00. It has a beautiful botanical image on the front and I made this my business journal. All my big plans, ideas and schemes for success are noted here - using my fabulous fountain pen! I need all the help I can get. So I say get shopping girlfriend. :-)

Marilee said...

You're amazing with your rendering, Paula! Just beautiful - and it's great to see it in steps like this. I don't think I'd ever have the patience... And I'd like to know THE PLAN, too! Seems like I've just been flailing about the last year or so!

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